Fabio Capanni

Born in 1965, he is Ordinary Professor of Architectonic and Urban Composition at DIDA, where he obtained a PHD in 2000. He taught Distributive and Furniture Characters in the Master of Theology and Church Architecture at the Theological University of Central Italy. He is a member of the Scientific Committee of the Congress Identity of the Italian Architecture that is yearly hold in Florence. In 2009, he founded along with Paolo Zermani the Gallery of the Italian Architecture in Florence. He collaborated with the international magazine Materia and was copy editor of the international magazine Area. He is currently member of the Scientific Committee of Florence Architecture. He is the author of: “Architettura moderna a Fiesole” (Becocci, 2003); “Di alcune figure e caratteri dell’edilizia residenziale in Toscana nell’orizzonte della sostenibilità” (Noédizioni, 2008); “Spazio, Luce, Architettura” (Noédizioni, 2009); “La Forma della Luce” (Noédizioni, 2015); “Architettura e Luce” (LetteraVentidue, 2017) and of other numerous articles and essays. He is the director of the series of books Lumina for LetteraVentidue, which deals with the connection between natural light and architecture. He is co-founder of ReThink Daylight, an international project to foster the role of natural light in architecture promoted by Velux S.p.a.