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March - June 2013


YAC’s second competition aims to offer participants a chance of practicing solid, refined research in of post-seismic design.

Italy has been experiencing a delicate situation regarding historical memory preservation, in which such precious heritage is constantly put under harming risk. 
On one hand both protection and preservation cover a pivotal role; on the other hand national legislation is becoming more and more entangled by complex and articulated rules. The result of those conjoined features is bringing stasis instead of real maintenance; an upcoming risk is therefore for such system is paralysis  or eventually death. As a matter of fact, inner cities belonging to small-medium Italian municipalities are currently stating a slow and relentless depopulation.
But what if an extraordinary, dramatic or dismal occurrence broke such clockwork? Which are the scenarios that may be disclosed to the eyes of the designer?

On the night of the 20th of May 2012 an earthquake shook the middle-northern part of Italy, razing hundreds

ancient buildings and transforming many inner cities in abandoned ruins.

Where current economical context - widely recognised as a period of “crisis” - makes reconstruction impossible, designers are involved within a fundamental debate: is it possible to think about concrete solutions, capable of overtaking a conception of mere refurbishment / restoration / reinstatement for highly anthropized environments?
YAC believes this is possible. By inviting architecture enthusiasts, professionals and students to join “POST QUAKE VISIONS” competition, YAC aims to rethink and redesign the quake-inflicted gaps left inside ancient urban tissues. This endeavour pints to revamp such scarred ecosystem under cultural and economical keys, with the goal of finding out urban perspectives and social possibilities once undisclosed or unconceivable.

YAC aims to base this research firstly on reading the wounds the quake left on cities, communities and architectures. By focusing on such vacant spaces, the goal is to insert brand new architecture able to blend ancient heritage with contemporary pace. 



3000 €

publication on architectural magazines and websites + exhibition in Crevalcore & Universities


1000 €

publication on architectural magazines and websites + exhibition in Crevalcore & Universities


500 €

publication on architectural magazines and websites + exhibition in Crevalcore & Universities


publication on architectural magazines and websites + exhibition in Crevalcore & Universities


publication on architectural magazines and websites + exhibition in Crevalcore & Universities


publication on architectural magazines and websites + exhibition in Crevalcore & Universities



TEAM 271219VC MEMBERS caterina spadoni, valentina brunetti


TEAM playhouse MEMBERS Emanuele Paladin, Luca Nicoletto, Marco Paronuzzi


TEAM Neves Lopes Architects MEMBERS Fábio Ferreira Neves, Paulo Lopes

Gold Mentions

TEAM R_OMA MEMBERS Michela Bruno, Massimiliano Foffo, Elisa Forlini, Alessandro Lungo

TEAM AR005 MEMBERS Alberto Bocchini, Gilda Giancipoli, Michela Comandini, Sara Frontalini, Serena Fabbretti

TEAM cms MEMBERS claudia ciulla, luca maiello, nicola sutto

TEAM SRM arch MEMBERS Leonardo Monaco Mazza, Alessandro Seccarello, Mara Reina


TEAM ARC MEMBERS françois tramoni, alicia orsini, jean mathieu de lipowski, michel de rocca serra

TEAM BDS MEMBERS Ilaria Donati, Marco Mattia Biasiolo, Sofia Silvestrelli


TEAM FEI-YU Design MEMBERS Xiaofu FEI, Yingjie YU

TEAM GMT+1.00 MEMBERS Laura Sabella, Luca Gaetano Malvasi, Marco Tanzilli, Natalia Gutierrez Jorge

TEAM Locus MEMBERS Marine Puissant

TEAM MLAD MEMBERS Matteo Lattanzio

TEAM PCGF MEMBERS Pietro Colonna, Giovanni Fiore


TEAM -- MEMBERS anthi-eleni mintsiou, elli balampanidou

TEAM ... MEMBERS Andrew Fu, Janice Rim

TEAM Arduino MEMBERS Marta Cesaroni, Paolo Ciampolini, Stefano Daddi

TEAM Arg MEMBERS Fabio Marino, Laura Sammarchi, Sandro Riscino, Davide Traina

TEAM Artusiani MEMBERS Alessandro Mattei, Caterina Naglieri

TEAM Atelier CFR MEMBERS claudio russo, giorgio freddi, sara casartelli

TEAM B&B MEMBERS Elena Bellavite, Maria Rosaria Barbaro

TEAM Baillie+Baillie MEMBERS Colin Baillie, Martin Baillie

TEAM Dalz MEMBERS Ermes Povoledo, Giorgia Liut

TEAM Dot1 MEMBERS Claudio Valsecchi, Claudio Nesci, Marco Siciliano

TEAM East of the west MEMBERS Danielle Connelly, Joana Aguilera, Josep Lluis Sanchez-Fortun

TEAM Exagon5 MEMBERS Alma Nika, Andrea Pollio, Alessandro Pollio, Ilaria Poma, Marinella Perri

TEAM FPZ MEMBERS Christian Flores, Magdalena Perez, Rodrigo Zagarzaza

TEAM frAnk MEMBERS Ambra Orlandelli, Elena Dalbon, Davide Natarelli, Dimitri Cassina, Federico Bordoni, Marco Maria Montalbano, Marco Maria Montalbano, Silvia Moretti

TEAM G.L.A. MEMBERS Fabrizio Morini, Martina Mancini, Martina Biasci

TEAM IvA MEMBERS Iva Stoyanova

TEAM Look up concrete heart MEMBERS Jerome Becker, Lukas Kalivoda

TEAM LSD MEMBERS john lee, natalie schelew


TEAM MindjArt MEMBERS Gerga Jedlicska, Gergely Kenacz, Balais Nacmethi, Tamas Fialovszky

TEAM MUD MEMBERS Eduardo Lozano, Ursula Schwuchow

TEAM MVA-ESA MEMBERS Elia Snidero, Mauro Ventura

TEAM O.K. architecture MEMBERS jvarsheishvili giorgi , gotsadze giorgi , tevdorashvili eka, tkemaladze ruso

TEAM OHM Studio Collaborative MEMBERS Hector Aramburo, Miguel Reyes, Omar Kakar

TEAM Self healing MEMBERS Constantinos Paulou, Constantinos Paulou, Eleni Stavrou, Marios Stavrinides, Myria Panteli, Christina Hadjisterkoti

TEAM Sketch Architects MEMBERS Andrea Panizzo, Edoardo Paoletti, Alix Joseph

TEAM Toby Mackay MEMBERS Toby Mackay

TEAM UNM 601 MEMBERS Omar Armendariz

TEAM YesWeArch MEMBERS Alberto Chiusoli, Dario Castellari, Eugenio Bettucchi, Federico Landi, Gianmarco Daniele, Lapo Naldoni




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