Fernando Tomasello

Fernando Tomasello was born in Noale, Venice, in 1953. He graduated in Architecture at IUAV (the Venetian University of Architecture) with a design thesis on historical gardens with Professor Tullio Cigni, Professor Patrizio Giulini and Professor Margherita Azzi Visentini. His professional activities concern architectural projects, restoration, urban planning and, in particular, the preservation of landscape and cultural heritage. In 2001, he founded his architecture studio (studio Tomasello Architetti associate) where he is currently working. Since 2016, he is a member of the National Board of UNPLI as chairperson of the Department for Cultural, Enviromental and Landscape Heritage. UNPLI (the Italian National Association for Pro Loco, organizations that promote some particular places) can count 6200 Pro Loco among its ranks, with a total amount of 600,000 associates. The association network is made up of Local, Provincial and Regional Committees spread throughout Italy and is directed by a National Board in which all of the regional Pro Loco are represented.