Donatella Rita Fiorino

Researcher and professor of Restoration at the University of Cagliari’s Architecture School, she is an engineer, Ph.D. in Conservation of Architectural Heritage and specialist in Restoration of Monuments at the Politecnico di Milano, architect for the Ministry of Cultural Assets and Activities and Tourism (MiBACT). She has authored national and international scientific publications on architectural and urban restoration, with special regard to defensive heritage and military landscapes. She carried out several scientfic research on the identification, protection and sustainable reuse of military heritage and sche coordinated the international conference and exhibition Military Landscapes. A future for military heritage (La Maddalena, Sardinia, 21-24 June 2017). She is a member of the National Scientific Committee of the Istituto Italiano dei Castelli, ICOFORT (Expert Member), and ICOMOS Italy. She is a visiting professor to European universities and oversees relations between the University of Cagliari and the Scottish Centre for Conservation Studies, part of the University of Edinburgh.