Pierluigi Cervellati

After graduating in Engineering, he first taught at the University of Bologna and later at the IUAV of Venice where he became professor of urban and environmental renovation and rehabilitation. He devotes his carrier to historical cities and large parks. He contributed to the definition of the groundreaking disipline of “Urban restoration” in both its landscape and architectural aspects carrying out some of his most appreciated projects in Palermo, Pistoia, Grottaglie, Rovereto with its 5 historical centers and Ibla-Ragusa. He also worked within the historical centers of several prominant Italian cities and in natural parks. Some of the most famous projects were carried out in the parks of Delta del Po, Migliarino San Rossore Massaciuccoli, the areas between the hills and the sea in Follonica, the promontory of Punta Ala (Grosseto). The area of the marine colonies, the plan PIC in Bologna, the plan PTCP in Catanzaro, the plan PRG in S. Vito dei Normanni (Brindisi), Ferrara, Catania, S. Vito lo Capo (Trapani), Fano. His professional work is internationally known and acclaimed, winning numerous awards: first place in the competition for the Music center and Auditorium in Porcia (Pordenone, 1992); the award of the Lincean Academy, 1973; the Fritz Schumaker award at the University of Hannover, 1975; the “Città di Prato” award , 1977; the Italia Nostra/section region Emilia Romagna award, 1981; Laurea ad Honoren- Honorary Doctor of Science Engineering of the Chalmer University in Gotemborg and the Laurea Honoris Architecture faculty in Merida. He also carried out numerous publications.