Bruno Messina

In 1986 Bruno Salvatore Messina graduated in Architecture at the University Federico II in Naples. In 1987 he published for CLEAN (Naples) “Le Corbusier: Eros e Logos” which deals with the feeling at the origin of a dramatic vision of architecture. In 1988 he was provided with a grant by the Portuguese Ministry of Foreign Affairs at the architecture faculty of the University of Porto. There he carried out research about the projects of Alvaro Silva. In the edition of 1992, 1994 and 1996 of the National architecture award Luigi Cosenza he obtained three nominations and a special mention. In June 1999 he was invited to the “Gerico, 60 Italian architects” exhibition held in Rome during the Young Artists of Europe and the Mediterranean Biennale. In 2000 he was invited (along with T.Fretton, G. Byrne, L. Vacchini, M. De Las Casas) to a series of conferences held by the Architects Association near Bolzano. He teaches Architectural design at the Architecture faculty of the University of Catania, headquarters of Syracuse, and he is the head of the Struttura Didattica Speciale di Architettura at the University of Catania.