Giancarlo Garozzo

In 2013, he was elected mayor of Syracuse, city of art, history and culture. He once was job consultant and then became the youngest mayor of Syracuse. Today he is committed to supporting several cultural and artistic projects among which include design ideas of young citizens of Syracuse. In 2014 the Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities nominated him as Head of the INDA- Istituto Nazionale del Dramma Antico (National Institution for the Ancient Drama) carrying out a project aimed at bringing the ancient drama back to the Greek theater of Syracuse. At the same time he became Head of the Centro Internazionale degli Studi sul Barocco (International Center for the Baroque studies) which managed to add Val di Noto to the list of the world heritage sites and promote the worth of the Sicilian Baroque throughout the world. This international body carries out training and research programs and promotes cultural tourism and the protection of the Valle del Barocco.