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Talent Observatory

Talent observatory is a group of universities, influencers and magazines aiming at enhancing the talents of YAC’s participants, either winners or simply participants.

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The talent observatory’s figures and network


million followers


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Providing recognition to as many talents as possible

For every competition, the talent observatory’s members will assess the projects submitted by all participants to choose architects to be given visibility or any other specific opportunity. Regardless of the evaluations of the jurors of the competition, each member of the talent observatory can independently choose its own favorite project and turn it into the subject of publications, articles or other sharing platforms.


Francesco Decaro Founder of C A G E


Mariela Mezalira Architects and Urban planner at UNICAMP, Founder of Act of Mapping

Architecture Hunter

Amanda Ferber Founder & CEO of Architecture Hunter


Melisa Isik, Berk Kırmızı Co-founders of Toffu


Marcin Husarz Founder of Competitions.archi

Professione architetto

Daniela Fanni Co-Founder of Professione Architetto


David Basulto Founder of Archdaily


Paul Petrunia Founder & Creative Director of Archinect

March Valencia

Fran Silvestre CEO of Fran Silvestre Arquitectos & Program Director at MArch


C A G EAct.of.MappingArchitecture HunterToffuCompetitions.archiProfessione architettoArchdailyArchinectMarch Valencia

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