15.000 €


Italian cookery is worldwide appreciated and the very cooking of Bologna excels for many features. Eataly® ( along with Andrea Segré ( have decided to open in this very town indeed the world’s biggest theme park dedicated to food farming and food culture.

Bologna’s C.A.A.B.® ( will welcome in 2016 such a 80.000 m2 entertainment centre: F.I.CO®. This structure will host swimming pools, restaurants, orchards, beehives, teaching farms and shopping centres. The aim is to exhibit the made-in-Italy food chain from inception to consumption; more than 9.000.000 tourists per year are hereby expected.

F.I.CO® is planned to become a pivotal international attraction; this will trigger an important territorial redevelopment in order to welcome users and tourist. Food & Wellness Club aims to offer a wellness area for those classy visitors willing to discover both nutrition and body care.

How to blend architecture, food, relax, wellness and seasonality?

This the question on which to build a contemporary, eco-friendly design. A notable piece of architecture capable of offering a multisensory, unique experience to its users.


8’000 € + publication on architectural magazines and websites + exposition.



4’000 € + publication on architectural magazines and websites + exposition.


2'000 € + publication on architectural magazines and websites + exposition.


500 € + publication on architectural magazines and websites + exposition.


publication on architectural magazines and websites + exposition.


FAQ / #1


FAQ: Is it possible to have the specific address of the site:

YAC: Yes. Via Viadagola, 12, Granarolo, Bologna, Italy. (


FAQ: Is it compulsory to provide parking areas?

YAC: Parking areas can be provided, but it is not a compulsory requirement to fulfil.


FAQ: Is it allowed to demolish / redesign the surrounding areas?

YAC: No, please stick to the limits of the provided project site.


FAQ: Is it possible / recommended / required to preserve or demolish the existing building?

YAC: The choice is up to the designer. Building has no historical value / does not represent a heritage.


FAQ: Is it possible to have / use further material?

YAC: All available material is provided online. It is allowed to autonomously search for further material if needed.


FAQ: How many users to take into account for the Centre?

YAC: This esteem is up to the designer, referring to guidelines and overall area of the Centre.


FAQ: Is it allowed to assign a specific functions more sq.m than required?

YAC: It is allowed, as far as the overall sq.m are not exceeded and the rest of the functions are not penalised.


FAQ:  Is it possible to mix functions?

YAC: It is allowed, as far as functions are not penalised.


FAQ: Is it possible to provide further detail / renders / sketches / comments (in English) in the A3 booklet?

YAC: Yes, as far as the required material is provided and the maximum number of pages Is not exceeded.


FAQ: Is it required the building to be wooden? Is there any specific structural requirement?

YAC: No, no specific requirement about it.


FAQ: Does the under 35 requirement apply to both teams and individuals?

YAC : Yes. Individuals are considered as a team composed by 1 person only.


FAQ: Is it possible to modify the team line-up after the registration?

YAC: Yes, it is.


FAQ: Is it possible to name the team after my firm?

YAC: Yes. This does not affect the judging procedure.


FWC competition is an event that allows Italian Architects to accreditate 1 CFP via self-certificate (art. 5.4. point e - monografie, articoli e saggi scientifici o di natura tecnico-professionale, pubblicazione di progetti derivanti da attività professionale e/o concorsuale su riviste a diffusione nazionale/internazionale e pubblicazioni ufficiali degli Ordini Territoriali”)


09 MAR 2015 “early bird” registration (50* €) - start
29 MAR 2015 “early bird” registration (50* €) - end


30 MAR 2015 “standard” registration (75*€) - start
20 APR 2015 “standard” registration (75*€) - end


21 APR 2015 “late” registration (100*€) - start
12 MAY 2015 “late” registration (100*€) - end


25 MAY 2015 (h 12:00 GMT, midday) material submission deadline


JUNE 2015 jury summoning


JUNE 2015 results announcement


award ceremony & exhibition


Fulfilling an “early bird”, “standard” or “late” registration does not affect submission deadline.
Submission deadline is uniquely set on the 25 MAY 2015.



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