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Rome. Few other metropolis in the world can evoke an unconscious as rich and ancient as the one of the “eternal city”. With over than 3000 years of history, Rome is an incredible layering of heritage, architecture and human culture.


Despite many centuries of studying and debate on how to enhance such patrimony, Rome still retains unveiled treasures - forgotten architectures and monuments longing for a chance of being brought back to life and to the community.


In partnership with La Sapienza University and Progetto Forti, Rome municipality is glad to undisclosed a debate over one of its precious hidden treasures: Forte Portuense.


This former military architecture belongs to a series of nineteenth-century fortifications. Forte Portuense is becoming a topic of discussion among several public and private players, who wish to establish here the first element belonging to a network of facilities for entertainment, culture and wellness.


But how to transform a former military architecture into a leisure time & cultural focal point - capable on one hand of triggering urban redevelopment & social cooperation and on the other hand to attract citizens & tourists?


This is the question YAC offers the designers, asking them to rethink Forte Portuense into a multi-scale architectural element:


Local scale - Civic Centre / Service desk


Global scale - element of the metropolitan network of culture / sports facilities aimed to transform the disused military fortifications  into a "community ring". 


This new urban pole shall be considered as interlaced to other similar elements through wellness itineraries and services. This is aimed to offer the city of Rome a network of leisure time facilities a hair's breadth away from the very core of one of the most fascinating cities in the world. 


8’000 € + publication on architectural magazines and websites + exposition.



4’000 € + publication on architectural magazines and websites + exposition.


2'000 € + publication on architectural magazines and websites + exposition.


500 € + publication on architectural magazines and websites + exposition.


publication on architectural magazines and websites + exposition.


15 DEC 2014 /

FAQ: Is there further material I can consult? (pictures, information about vegetation)

YAC: Designers are free to retrieve further materials from third parties (i.e. google maps, municipality,


FAQ: Is there a 3D model of the outer area?

YAC: No, there is a 2D layout only.


FAQ: The 3D model has some discrepancies with the current layout: how so?

YAC: The model was developed before some demolitions; it shows a qualitative layout for volumes and proportions.


FAQ: What’s the scale of the provided layouts?

YAC: Layouts are drawn by counting 1 unit = 1 meter


FAQ: Is there a hierarchy in accesses?

YAC: This analysis is up to the designer.


FAQ: What do the labels shown in the layouts (Area 1) refer to (i.e. kindergarten irlandesi, senior centre)? Should I keep them?

YAC: Those show the old functions of each building; designers are free to move / relocate / expand / alterate them if they wish – according to the guidelines requirements.


FAQ: Is there further material about the buildings in Area 1?

YAC: No, there is not - 1:500 scale does not require a high level of detail in this sense.


FAQ: Is it possible to open connections between Area 1 and Area 2?

YAC: Yes, it is – as far as the interventions are not too much invasive for the building to be preserved. I.e. opening a window or a door might be allowed.


FAQ: Is it possible to dig / change the topography of the site?

YAC: Yes it is – as far as the interventions are not too much invasive for the building to be preserved.


FAQ: Is it allowed to put cover structures on areas?

YAC: Yes it is – as far as buildings are preserved.


FAQ: Is it required to provide parking areas within the proposal?

YAC: Providing parking areas within the proposal would be appreciated. Extension to be qualitatively determined by the designer.


FAQ: What does 4200 sqm buildable area refer to?

YAC: 4200 is the gross area / total floor area. This is not the footprint / projected area. Consider accuracy for a 1:500 scale. No limitations in terms of height.


FAQ: Referring to the 4200 sqm, would outdoor sports facilities contribute to the count of 4200 sqm?

YAC: No, outdoor sports facilities have to be considered as green and not buildable area.


FAQ: May I insert further 3D images / more detailed plans and sections in the A3 booklet?

YAC: Yes you can – as far as you respect the page limit shown on the guidelines.


FAQ: Is there a preferable orientation (horizontal / vertical) for the A1 poster?

YAC: Orientation is up to the designer – however consider that projects will be first screened on a horizontal monitor.


FAQ: Is it possible to schedule a further in site visit?

YAC: No it isn’t. The only available dates for in site visits are shown on:


FAQ: What should I bring for the in-site survey?

YAC: Please bring a pair of comfortable trousers and sneakers, a torch, a camera if you want to take pictures / videos.


FAQ: Is the in-site survey mandatory in order to join the competition?

YAC: No it is not. Not attending the visit will not affect your participation to RCR.


FAQ: Do I have to register for the in-site survey? How does it work?

YAC: Yes you have to. Please book your in-site visit by sending an email to . Visits available on:

20 DEC 2014 – 10:30 meeting point Via Portuense 545 – open visit

7 JAN 2014 – 16:00 meeting point Via Portuense 545 – YAC visit

For in-site visits, discounted hotel staying is available at H10 Hotel (

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#RCR Rome Community Ring - YAC on-site visit*: 

Via Portuense 545 h 16.00

7 JAN 2014



13 oct 2014; “early bird” registration (50* €) - start

16 nov 2014; “early bird” registration (50* €) - end

17 nov 2014; “standard” registration (75* €) - start

21 dec 2014; “standard” registration (75* €)  - end

22 dec 2014; “late” registration (100* €) - start

19 jan 2015; “late” registration  (100* €) - end  

26 jan 2015: (h 12:00 GMT, midday) material submission deadline

02 feb 2015: jury summoning

02 mar 2015: results announcement

mar 2015: award ceremony & exhibition




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