Registration is open to the adults suiting competition’s guidelines / rules.  Registering to a competition implies paying a registration fee whose amount and deadline are established by the competitions calendar.

YAC is allowed to freely use and spread over submitted material. YAC is allowed to spread over such material through paper issues / web issues. YAC is not responsible for potential privacy / copyright violations related to submitted material.

YAC is not responsible for misinterpretation of provided material. YAC is allowed to amend through its channels uncertain terms of the competition or doubts.  Jurys decisions are incontestable. YACs decisions on defects of form or other issues are incontestable.

Participants who do not respect deadlines, payments or any other restraint are without questioning and automatically excluded from the competition. YAC is allowed to ask for personal data concerning participants’ date of birth and ID.

YAC is not responsible for technical malfunctioning of its web platforms. For possible problem, YAC provides technical assistance for any issue.

Paying a registration fee enables one project’s uploading procedure. It is possible to fulfill further payments in order to upload further projects. Registration fees are not refundable.

YAC is allowed to use participants’ data within its architectural competitions’ environment. YAC is allowed to communicate news and updates on architectural competitions.

Entering the competition implies accepting rules and guidelines, accepting terms and conditions.

All competitors agree to the collection, use and sharing of the provided information under D.lgs. 196 / 30 June 2003. All competitors YAC to share such information with its scientific committee.

Any competition does not constitute, under no circumstances, a rewards program according to art. 6 of Italian Presidential Decree DPR 430/2001.

The prizes are not subject to the taxation at source according to art. 30 of Italian Presidential Decree DPR 600/73, as for the resolution n. 1251 of 28th October 1976.

 The awarded person has to take on his/her obligation to include the value of the prize and the amount of money received in his/her annual tax statement in order to establish his/her taxable gross income. 

By uploading a project, a competitor/his team declares to be the owner of all rights related to the project uploaded.



1.       By registering, the Competitor states to acknowledge the competition’s procedure and rulings as mentioned in the contest’s brief and on the website www.youngarchitectscompetitions.com. The Competitor, is listing among the winners of the competition, agrees to submit the registration form signed in its original form. The Competitor states to acknowledge that the prizes will be awarded only if the original registration form is submitted.


2.       The Competitor undertakes the following rules to uphold:

·         Competitors must respect calendar dates, procedures and fees.

·         Competitors must respect all the instructions regarding required material.

·         Competitors can be students, graduated, freelance architects, designers or artists: it is not mandatory to be involved in architectural disciplines or enrolled in architectural associations.

·         Competitors can join the competition both individually and in team.

·         Teams must have at least one team member between 18 and 35 years old.

·         Teams can be composed of any number of team members.

·         Teams can be composed of any competitors belonging to different countries and universities.

·         Paying a single entry fee allows to join the competition with a single project.

·         Paying further entry fees allows to join the competition with further projects; fees to be determined by following competition’s calendar.

·         Prizes include bank commissions and fees.

·         Prizes are established regardless to the number of attendants a team is made of.

·         The suitability of the projects will be assessed by a technical staff nominated by Centergross srl;

·         Jury’s verdict is incontestable.

·         It is forbidden to competitors to ask a juror about the competition

·         It is forbidden to competitors to publicize their own proposal material before the official announcement of winners.

·         It is forbidden to competitors to join the competition in case they have or had business collaboration or blood-relations with jurors.

·         By violating the rules, competitors and their teams will be disqualified from the competition without any chance of getting a refund.

·         The authorship of each project is equally attributed to each member of the team.

·         Joining the competition implies accepting rules and service terms.


3.       The Competitor states to be aware and to agree with the ineligibility clauses listed below:

·         Layouts showing texts bodies not written in English will be banned.

·         Layouts showing names or referrals to their own team / their identity will be banned. TeamID can appear on the file name only, since jurors will not be allowed to see it.

·         FIles named not by following the prescriptions of the chapter “MATERIAL” will be banned.

·         Material which is considered incomplete, partial or non congruent to the criteria set in the chapter “MATERIAL” will be banned.

·         Material which is submitted not by following calendar, deadlines and correct uploading procedures will be banned.

·         Teams missing one under 35 member at least will be disqualified.

·         Team members trying to ask a juror about the competition will disqualify their own team.

·         Team members who have or had business collaboration or blood-relations with jurors will be disqualified.

·         Team members who publicizes their own proposal material before the conclusion of the competition will be disqualified.


4.       The Competitor states to agree with the clause that all the projects that will win a money prize and any (available) intellectual property right and/or industrial right on the projects are definitively acquired by CORRADI s.r.l. The latter acquires the exclusive right of economic exploitation of the project and the right to reproduce the project in any way or form, including the right to use, realize, adapt, modify, publish in every media, display, reproduce and distribute the project also for marketing and advertising purposes, review the editorial, create works based on the project or giving the project or parts of it to third parties in any means, way or through any technology also including the freedom of panorama without any limitation in time or place. In any case, in accordance with articles 107 and following of law 633/1941 (hereby referred to as “LA”) all the rights to economic use of the project or parts of it are considered surrendered and transferred to Centergross S.R.L. by the winners of the cash prize after the results of the Competition. These rights, as a non exhaustive example, includes the exclusive right to publish the project or parts of it and to economically use it in accordance with article 12 LA, the exclusive right to make copies of the project or parts of it in accordance with article 13 LA, the exclusive right to transcribe the project or parts of it in accordance with article 14 LA, the exclusive right to communicate the project or parts of it to the public in accordance with article 16 LA, the exclusive right to distribute the project or parts of it in accordance with article 17 LA, the exclusive right to translate, elaborate, modify and/or publish in a collection the project or parts of it in accordance with article 18 LA. The winners of the cash prize after the results of the Competition in any case waive any right referred to in article 99 LA.


5.       Centergross srl will carry out the possible creation of the installation according to the methods it will consider more appropriate.

6.       The winning designers are required to support Centergross srl and possible suppliers in the construction of the installation adding, if necessary, further documents and more detailed information in order to improve the implementation of the works.

7.       The project can be reviewed by Centergross srl – upon consultation with the designers in order to enhance its performance and economic feasibility.

8.       YAC and Centergross srl have the rights to publish and exhibit all the uploaded projects.

9.       Projects must be new and original and the result of the intellectual activity of the candidates who cannot present works that does not comply with these aspects. For this reason, YAC and Centergross srl will not be responsible in case the uploaded projects are not the result of the candidate’s or teams’ creativity or if the candidate or teams are not the owner of the right of exploitation including the right to take part in a competition like this one.

10.   The available and necessary material for the competition is available in the download section of the competition site www.youngarchitectscompetitions.com regardless of registration in the competition; it is allowed to use additional material collected by each member.

11.    YAC has the right to change dates or other details in order to improve or fix aspects of the competition, a notice will be given within a reasonable time through all YAC’s media channels.

12.   YAC is not responsible for web malfunctioning or technical difficulties due to servers; it’s highly recommended to submit required material, fees and subscription with a good advance of time on the deadline.

13.   The processing of personal data of the candidates made manually and electronically, will take place only at the end of the competition in compliance with the regulation of the Legislative decree No. 196/03 and subsequent by Centergross srl and YAC. They will process the data as indipendent holders. The provision of data is optional but without it the candidate cannot take part in the competition.

14.   This competition is not an event in accordance with Article 6 of the Italian D.P.R. 430/2001.

15.   Candidates will be held accountable for the personal data they provide and the promoter does not assume any responsibility for wrong data provided. The promoter, according to privacy policies, has the right to verify candidates’ data by requesting a copy of an identity document regarding the data of the registration.

16.   YAC and Centergross srl are not responsible for false data provision by candidates.

17.   By entering the competition, the candidates accept the competition’s terms and conditions.

18.    Italian law regulates this regulation. Controversy arising shall be of exclusive competence of the Court of Bologna.