Architecture is the branch of knowledge that shapes and structures the places for human activities. It answers to several and various issues, with a solution that embodies designer’s creativity and intellect.

We think architectural quest does not only conclude itself nor with a stylish nor a functional nor an economic nor a technologic answer.
A genuine architectural answer is a patchwork of all such issues, blended and structured together under designer’s control and sensibility.

YAC aims to promote contemporary projects that embody a temporal and personal approach of architectural space.

Idea is the keyword, Architecture is the answer and project is the medium through which intuition is transformed into object.

Who YAC is

YAC is an association whose aim is to promote architectural competitions amongst young designers – no matter if graduates or students.

YAC’s goals are:

First we want to propel research about design, by periodically suggesting tangible issues on Architecture and City planning. By so YAC wants to provoke reflections about physical places for human activities that everyday are becoming more and more unpredictable and dynamic.

Second we want to endorse young designers’ creativity and talent by granting the best of them adequate prizes and good exposure amongst paper and web platforms.

YAC wishes to revamp a design culture to pragmatically answer the issues on human action and territory comsumption.

We wish many and different designers will join us in this challenge.