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To encourage participatory processes and social inclusion, Urban Up | Unipol organized a series of workshops for residents in order for them to imagine new functional destinations and opportunities for socialization in areas of the city currently subject to economic and social difficulties.

“INOLTRE. Sharing the city”, is a project by Urban Up | Unipol that aims to enhance the suburbs of Milan, transforming them into a design workshop by generating interventions of micro-architecture, design, applied research, and events for the neighborhood.

Dsc F3008 1

The initiative will be implemented through three main activities: a research aimed at understanding the current urban transformations in relation to global challenges, a series of workshops curated by YAC - Young Architects Competition - which will produce micro-architecture interventions in the surroundings, and a series of temporary events of different nature - artistic, musical, sporting or educational nature - which will lead citizens to re-appropriate and recover these disused areas.

Through this last activity, Unipol, supported by YAC, transformed an unused parking lot into a public cinema for 44 days. The Drive-In was conceived as a solidarity and sustainable action: the money gathered from the tickets was donated to Milan’s Mutual Aid Fund.

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