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Open Competitions

Via Murat Competition

Since 2016, in Milan, the Unipol Group has started a project called Urban Up, which aims to enhance some of the most important buildings in the Italian urban and architectural landscape through modernization and renovation works that combine the vocation for innovation and respect for tradition. The intervention area is located in the context of via Murat, one of the main access routes leading to the city of Milan. The project is located close to the iconic “Isola” district and near one of the most interesting areas of Milan’s future transformation, Scalo Farini.

Vista Aerea Della Proposta Avanzata Dallo Studio Beretta

The aim of the competition was to define an area of ​​value and centrality, which could arouse wonder and be an inspiration for future planning. The challenge was to graft onto an important connecting artery to answer some of the most topical design questions in the context of the global pandemic: which are the new living spaces? Which are the workspaces? What, above all, is the public and relational dimension of the built environment? On the recommendation of the Unipol group, the competition saw the participation of 5 Milan-based studios highly specialized in high-rise residential buildings: Vittorio Grassi, Il Prisma, Andrea Maffei, Beretta Associati, Mab Arquitectos.

Vista Notturna Della Proposta Avanzata Dallo Studio Grassi


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