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YAC & MC A for Cesare Roversi

The architectural academy of higher education YACademy launches its first workshop commissioned by Cesare Roversi. Under the tutorship of Mario Cucinella Architects, the young participants were invited to study a vertical connection for the external guesthouse, located in the company's park, which would also function as a landmark visible from the street front.

The goal of the laboratory consisted of the construction of an independent entrance for what was once the caretaker's house, in order to be able to use this space as a guesthouse – a place dedicated to young scholars who want to try to experience working at Cesare Roversi.

The selected project presents a staircase with an organic shape that binds to other elements present in the garden. The inspiration came from the wood and the shavings produced during the construction of Cesare Roversi’s furniture, as well as from the trunks’ growth rings. The final result is expressed by an elegantly shaped structure that complements its natural environment.
This workshop gave the opportunity to a group of talented students to experiment and have a hands-on experience. For the students, but also for the partners, it was an opportunity to exchange views and cooperate. The result is a project that has its roots in the history of Cesare Roversi, drawing inspiration from the style and commitment of Mario Cucinella Architects.

The two teams responsible for designing the main entrance have made very interesting and diverse proposals. Team Green, composed of Claudio Carrieri, Adriana Castro, and Jhesenia Estefania Mino Garcia, proposed a space at the main entrance in a semi-transparent mesh, which harmoniously integrates the garden area, allowing visitors to move effortlessly between the buildings.

Team White, composed of Cláudia Aires de Sá Miranda and Federica De Marchi, has created a bronze-colored steel and wood staircase that perfectly matches the environment, changing through the seasons.

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